To be extremely weak and/or having one nut. Also haveing a short temper and can't back it up.
A kid in adrian michigan with the last name beagle that is a worthless person, this is his definition
by Boby boby February 22, 2008
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To be investigated for the scent of illicit substances by a canine, specifically of the Beagle breed (used in Australian airports). (Past tense: 'Beagled')
"Dude, great to see you!.. Why did it take you so long to get through customs???"

"I got bloody beagled and the cops spent an hour going through my bags and giving me the third degree. Next time I leave Amsterdam I'm going to make sure I've washed all my clothes"
by ateo80 April 06, 2009
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a slang term used by the BBH crew
it is a slang term for a blow job
damn, that ho gave me the best beagle i ever had...
by King Ryno [[BBH]] August 11, 2008
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Something that is immortalised but is in actually fact rubbish.
"I wonder what happened to the Beagle 2 probe"
"Darwin sailed on the Beagle, a ship which was eventually used as a staionary ship in a vain attempt to stop summugling"
"You see that Beagle, what tricks can it do?"
by Zues May 29, 2004
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When you intentionally push someone's buttons in order to elicit an emotional response. A mischevious attempt to irritate or inflame.
Mary full on beagled Todd this morning when she took the last hotel washcloth to wash her dirty dishes leaving Todd without a washcloth for his shower. She's the worst kind of Beagle.
by KEISHAFISCHER June 18, 2018
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