Noun: any of several breeds of dog used for hunting typically having large drooping ears.

Adjective: describing anyone of a macho or casanovic templar in the sense that they are flirting or whipping up a storm with the ladies.
(tom and bob have been used at random to describe the use of the word "hound dog - {adj.}" in a typical conversation)

bob: How are you going tom?
tom: Not to bad man i was just talking to that hot chick just then
bob: tom you hound dog, you
by Kempsy July 5, 2007
a fan of an artist whoz all over their nutsac
look at them bitches hound doggin snoop
by nikoal January 6, 2004
An ill ass nigga of a dawg. Low slung lookin up bitchez dresses who lives in the muthafuckin' now nigga! That's whats up!
Hound Dog, Ayo! stop droolin' and get to the crab shack nigga!
by Bista October 15, 2006
A sex position where a man or a woman with flat, long, pendulous breasts is the one giving from behind. They lean over so far that their mammaries hang down on either side of the receiver's face, making them look like a hound dog.
I hate having sex with Vicki. When she uses the strap-on from behind, it's an automatic Hound Dog. She needs to keep those things contained! My ears are so bruised today.
by NuttyByNature2 September 22, 2014
Hound dog or Hound dogging is the sexual act where one partner fists the other’s ass then proceeds to prolapse the anus around their hand, then begins to vigorously “wag” (shake) their hand while yelling “good boy/good girl”.
He proposed to his girlfriend after she gave him the best Hound Dog of his life.

His wife Hound Dogged him on their wedding night.
by ItFellOff May 24, 2022
Getting off by smelling someone's genitals. Can be done on a male or a female.
Esméralda: I thought he was going to eat me out, but then he just kind of stayed down there sniffing my pussy and not doing anything else. He got off sniffing me.
Sarah: Lame.
Esméralda: Yeah, totally. He called it "hound dogging" or something.
by bdawgy April 26, 2010
The act of banging a girl from behind, and then torpedoing her ass with one swift thrust, then making her yell like a hound dog
Sue sure hit that high note when I was hound dogging her
by nipplezdaclown November 17, 2007