Blue ball disease

If your man has BBD call a doctor right away. This disease is not something to joke around with and can cause serious blockage if not treated properly. Ask ur doctor ways to relive ur mans pain
“Did you hear... Tyler has BBD”

What’s that?

Blue balls disease
by Cbigfax July 26, 2018
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After you've had some BBD, you never go back.
by Snarfbor April 23, 2003
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BBD - an acronym for "Bigger Better Deal". A term basically used when a man or woman temporarily makes due with someone as his or her mate, while actually still in search for a mate that bares superior superficial qualities for an ideal lover.
Shelly don't tell me, you've finally settled already? You just put yourself out there! You have to take your time to score the BBD, girl!
by YumiSpewns September 29, 2010
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Life is like a BBD: Hard, dark and a pain in the ass.
by djsynchro June 22, 2012
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Bell Biv DeVoe

A popular american R&B musical group that branched off of New Edition, consisting of Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe.
BBD: Poison, poi, poi, po, poison !
by PhifeFoota September 8, 2010
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When a guy or a girl goes for the 'bigger, better, deal' within the context of a relationship.
She dumped him for the BBD.
by P. Jannetta December 12, 2003
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Acronym used in hunting. This is what you say or text to your hunting buddies when you've just killed a big buck.
When Tony received the text message "BBD". He knew that Brent had just killed a big deer.
by thermaltech December 12, 2010
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