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(n.) an electronic file alteration intended to correct or update a faulty or vulnerable file, akin to a cloth 'patch'.
You gotta install the latest patch or somebody could get into your inbox, okay?
by kinsmed July 16, 2004
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The subject of a Saturday Night Live short, skewering products having lengthy disclaimers and a nod to the absurdity of foreign product commercials. The segment has achieved a degree of notoriety that it has found a non-specific underground familiarity and pops up in unexpected instances.
"Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball."
by kinsmed May 17, 2008
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Spoken or demonstrative reminder to alter behavior or conduct a future task, often intended to be humorous or self-deprecating.
by kinsmed July 10, 2004
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A hand-knit yellow, orange and red beanie, toque or wool hat that became a cult favorite with Firefly fans after appearing in an episode.
"What happens if someone puts on a cunning hat and a Who scarf?"
by kinsmed December 25, 2012
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Having passed a test or met a condition enabling one to proceed.
Okay, looks like your paperwork is in order. You're good to go, man.
by kinsmed July 10, 2004
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A 1980's term used by homophobes to denote persons or items seemingly gay.
Yeah, I don't know about scrapbooking. That always seemed kinda fruity to me.
by kinsmed July 10, 2004
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An involuntary erection generally occurring upon waking in the morning.
Man, I was havin' this really vivid dream, but then I woke up with just a piss boner, y'know what I mean, man?
by kinsmed July 3, 2004
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