A mans best friend, best rabbit hunter, and biggest mouth on the planet. Best dog!
That beagle there ain’t nothing but a jump dog; couldn’t move a track to save his life.
by Dog Hunter9988 June 12, 2019
The Beagle is a pseudonym for a fully shaved or waxed lady, originally termed the 'Bald Eagle'. For use in public places when discussing the events of the night
Man did you see that girls skirt ride up her ass-total Beagle!
by shimickey March 22, 2011
A beautiful hound dog that beaglefuckers make love to
I should probably let that beagle fucker unvirgin my bitch properly before I take her to get bred with a stud dog.
by BeagleFucker1 August 15, 2011
An incorrect reference to an edible doughnut-shaped roll (bagel).
I gave the beagle a bagel.
by kinsmed July 1, 2004
Some one who has either
No Pubes
A high annoying voice

for the latter example when calling someone a Beagle you usually say it in a high tone of voice
Fred: That fat kids such a beagle
by Robert Pennington November 23, 2007