1. Often used in describing a person's physical appeal.
2. Most often meaning that one is considered an appropriate choice for coitus, or sex.
3. A good fit for one's member.
We only went on one date, but from the moment i saw her i knew that she would be memberable.
by Aqui Alla November 02, 2006
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Aye, I 'member this, I 'member that.
by Henry Cooper November 22, 2004
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Wow look at Michelle Obamas huge member swinging around on the TV ,( Google it)
by Anal fairy September 03, 2018
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Membering. Making a memory. Like re-membering, but in the present.

Or, joining a youtube channel.
''This is going to be a good membering''
"I just joined my favorite YouTube channel, I'm channel-membering to it.
by cetosinthereal October 05, 2020
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Word used by some crazy ass Mexicans that can't pronounce the word "Remember"
Hey, Esas the chick who licked you pito n threw up, you member?
by MexiStyle May 04, 2005
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People who are part of your crew/posse. Often used as an antonym for "suspects".
Person 1: "I hear Big Boy has it in for you, what you gonna do?"

/*Big Boy = well muscled, ugly, dangerous, short tempered person with no education and bloody reputation.*/

Person 2: "Ya, don worry, I was hanging with him last night. You know what they say, keep your members close and your suspects closer."
by bin August 31, 2004
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