A dick. From some languages as Russian, member translates as dick.
by Nnaon October 28, 2021
Word used by some crazy ass Mexicans that can't pronounce the word "Remember"
Hey, Esas the chick who licked you pito n threw up, you member?
by MexiStyle May 4, 2005
People who are part of your crew/posse. Often used as an antonym for "suspects".
Person 1: "I hear Big Boy has it in for you, what you gonna do?"

/*Big Boy = well muscled, ugly, dangerous, short tempered person with no education and bloody reputation.*/

Person 2: "Ya, don worry, I was hanging with him last night. You know what they say, keep your members close and your suspects closer."
by bin September 1, 2004
The act of impersonating a moderator in a forum/message board.
-marzzbar- was banned for a week on the Newgrounds BBS for memberating.
by -marzzbar- April 15, 2005
The act of being a regular member of an internet forum but acting like a moderator or administrator by telling other members what they can & can't do.
Please do not "memberate" other members.
by LuvMyTJ June 23, 2016
Male genitalia is sometimes referred to as a member. Therefore getting membered is slang for a woman having sex with a well endowed guy.
Doris was out with Ranandy last night. He is really hung and she really got membered.
by Little Sophie May 14, 2019