A mix of cum, blood and shit that oozes out of a gay man’s hole after rough anal without appropriate douching. Happens very often when having sex with virgin bottoms.
Never fuck a virgin hole. You’re gonna end up getting bbq sauce everywhere.
by iammemyselfandi August 11, 2021
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he loves dat bbq sauce time of da month
by derpmaths June 3, 2015
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The most disgusting sauce ever! It taste like garbage and I almost died from trying it. Do NOT recommend. My taste buds are crying. Please help!
by bbqsaucehater4life June 4, 2021
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Getting fucked in the BBQ Sauce is a niche slang term used to describe intercourse during ones period, wherein the menstrual blood would constitute the sauce.
That weekend was wild, the party got so out of hand Becky got fucked in the BBQ sauce right on the front lawn.
by 21el June 11, 2021
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A stain of BBQ sauce on anything at any time. Pretty much a random BBQ stain.
Aw fuck, I have Renee’s BBQ sauce on my shirt.
by Diananikk June 28, 2019
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Something to say to a girl men you're horny. Makes them cum much faster and it will turn them on! Also a good word to call your grandparents, it will turn them on really fast so that its easy to have sex with them after.
Donald Trump said "bbg sauce on my titties" when he fucked his wife to get his child.
guy: hey babe, bbq sauce on my titties!
girl: Omg baby! Youŕe making me cum soo fast aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!
guy: thats what I like to hear;)
girl: Baby spit in my ear!
by gay nibber fuck March 8, 2019
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