standing for 'baby girl', a joke term commonly used between tight knit friends to tease each other
friend a : 'here, i got you something'
friend b : "ah dw bbg ill repay you later ;)'
by friskypissky May 6, 2022
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beautiful baby girl. Used to describe anything cute/desirable. Widely used as a colloquial term between two females.
Girl 1: I love your sunskirt today!

Girl 2: Awwww thanks bbg!
by RustyScrew May 24, 2009
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baby girl , what you want to see in the club , a hottie
jim and jeff showed in the club looking to see some bbg's it was a sausage factory, then a couple of honeys rolled up in the club, and we new panties would be dropping soon
by jeff dailey April 17, 2009
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bbg is the title used by NBA Youngboys’ closest friends. the term bbg (in BBG Baby Joe’s definition) means “Bottom Boy Gorilla”.
In Youngboys’ song TTG:
“ You say your youngin TTG, he trained to go
Well my youngin on BBG and all he know is blow”
by morgantoofye January 22, 2020
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*a bunch of chapters made up of the most amazing girls ever
*definitly not a cult
levine-bbg is the greatest chapter in the region.
by hmarky7789 January 17, 2004
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