beautiful baby girl. Used to describe anything cute/desirable. Widely used as a colloquial term between two females.
Girl 1: I love your sunskirt today!

Girl 2: Awwww thanks bbg!
by RustyScrew May 23, 2009
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baby girl , what you want to see in the club , a hottie
jim and jeff showed in the club looking to see some bbg's it was a sausage factory, then a couple of honeys rolled up in the club, and we new panties would be dropping soon
by jeff dailey April 17, 2009
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*a bunch of chapters made up of the most amazing girls ever
*definitly not a cult
levine-bbg is the greatest chapter in the region.
by hmarky7789 January 17, 2004
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bbg is an undescribable feeling.
it is the knowledge of sisterhood.
the compassion of love.

bbg is an organization unlike any other. the people you meet and the experiences you share are profoundly unique.
this concept simply cannot be grasped by an outside observer.
because of this,
it is commonly thought to be a gathering of slutty jewish girls mindlessly screwing azas.
it is anything but.
it is undeniable that sexual relationships develope between many bbgs and azas. but it is wrong to soley classify this organization by the questionable acts which the majority of teenagers engage in.

a bbg is not a slut.
she is not a whore.
she is not an object.
a bbg is a leader.
a sister.
a friend.
a helper.
and above all,
a person.

although many people, all of whom do not belong to this organization, believe that bbg is a degrading society of teenage girls,
bbg is a wholesome community filled with love and sisterhood.
bbg has and will continue to capture the love of countless jewish women
bbg is my heart and soul,
bbg is the air i breathe,
bbg is me.
by the common bbg January 19, 2007
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