A word used to describe an unattractive girl or boy who’s been with lots of people. Usually used in Southern Ireland.
Dude 1: you know that girl Amy that used to be with John?
Dude 2: yeah she went to my school.
Dude 1 : I think she’s surprisingly hot.
Dude 2: nooo dude , she’s bate
by Sexypaolosopranidude December 28, 2017
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An epic osu! player also known as hsdofiahfd. He is an HD extraordinaire and frequently fcs many respectable maps with high accuracy. He also posts many bangers on twitter and youtube.
by hsdofiahfd April 13, 2021
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Someone who is beyond lazy and generally cares nothing for life.
person 1: "Hese done nothing but watch TV all day"
Person 2:"Init what a toser, hese a pure bates"
by lloyd90 September 17, 2007
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To vomit in an uncontrollable fashion; often whilst sitting on the ground in the middle of a park, on a saturday night
Ewww she was batesing all over him last weekend

My hair had all this bates in it

Oh my god, shes so gross...it makes me want to bates!
by McBabe12 October 28, 2008
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can be used as either a noun or adjective, usually meaning someone who eats plastic and is subject to extreme homosexuality, likes lawn tractors and is the king of nig rigging
"Dude quit pullin a bates"
"Dude ur such a bates, get your hand out of my pants"
by Andy Colabella April 03, 2007
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