When a man manually stimulates his reproductive organ by stroking his shaft with his hands or using a flesh light/pocket pussy.
Brother: "How many times did you bate last night?"
Me: "Five times. I set my alarm for two hour intervals so I could wake up and bate multiple times throughout the night."
by Jizz expert October 19, 2015
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Named for Norman Bates, the mentally unstable antagonist of the film Psycho, a Bates is a person who never threatens anyone's life directly, but very obviously gives off the "I'm going to kill you in your sleep and roll around in your blood giggling like a schoolgirl" vibe. A Bates is almost always completely oblivious to the fact that they're a Bates. Also usually very poor at reading hints to leave others alone.
Janet: You know that kid John? He's a total Bates.

Brad: You can say that again, he keeps looking at me like he wants to cut out my liver and eat it raw.
by lightning_troubadour November 23, 2015
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An Irish pronuncuation of the word "beat" or used to describe the feeling of a hangover
"I'll bate the head off him"

"Jaysus boy I'm bate after the session last night"
by StoryHörse June 17, 2019
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rad way to say masturbate or ejaculate.
person A-yo, last night i was batin and it felt mad good.
person B-dood, i love to bate it's so sweet.
by rawrphillip December 04, 2007
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Damn that dude is like a bates, he always screws up my chess games.
by the unknown bates April 10, 2004
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