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to have a fear of soemthing, to be scared at a situation
i aint prang, i aint scared, im nang, im prepared, i aint fake man, nah i'm real. (scratcy d)
by gian luigi March 29, 2005
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(1) Originally to write off a car through crashing, the term developed in the U.K to mean (2) 'feeling' like a car wreck, specifically mental disassociation through drug (particularly crack, coke and skunk) over-use inducing severe fatigue, unsteadiness, derangement or paranoia. This has evolved to (3) signify any non-specific type of severe fatigue, unsteadiness or apprehension.
(1) 'Awfully sorry darling, I pranged the Jag on the A10.'
(2) 'Man's been up for three days smokin' that shit, geezer's proper prang, should go home, take a shower and sleep.'
(3) 'Man, I'm prang, let's get out of here, it don't feel right.'
by SeRieS oNe October 04, 2009
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A state of confusion, insecurity, paranoia and fear, usually drug induced, often humourous.
"I haven't slept in five days, i've just lost my job, my girlfriend's fucked off with my brother. Why am i smoking this skunk? What the fuck's going on? What am i gonna do mate?"

"Ha, dunno mate-sounds a bit prang"
by Paddy December 02, 2003
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1 <verb> to prang or to prang out
To worry or panic, often used to refer to paranoia induced by smoking weed, but can refer to worrying/panicking when sober. A synonym is sketch.

2 <noun> a prang
A small car crash or scrape. Sometimes also used to describe a more severe car crash, when trying to make it sound less serious.
1 "Oh fuck man, that's the third time a police car's come past in 15 minutes, I am pranging the fuck out!"

2 "Sorry, I can't drive you to work tomorrow, the car's at the garage after a little prang I had yesterday."
by stoner_jack March 01, 2011
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(Australian) - what your 50 year old Aunt Freda (you know her, the cheek-pinching, overweight, oversize glasses, prickly upper lip and funny smelling one, every family's got one) would call a car accident.

Prang by itself usually refers to a car park-type ding. A freeway pile-up with 14 fatalities is a "nasty" prang.
Aunt Freda: "Sorry I'm so late dear, there was a nasty prang on the West Gate. My, haven't you grown..."
by Choda Boy 57 August 11, 2006
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like paranoid.
'wasn't you prang walking round smoking a zoot?' - 'yes like bare prang!'`
by abcefabcdef February 17, 2011
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