to have a fear of soemthing, to be scared at a situation
i aint prang, i aint scared, im nang, im prepared, i aint fake man, nah i'm real. (scratcy d)
by gian luigi March 29, 2005
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oi,dont b prang of dat dick hed
by Red-Eye December 16, 2004
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1 <verb> to prang or to prang out
To worry or panic, often used to refer to paranoia induced by smoking weed, but can refer to worrying/panicking when sober. A synonym is sketch.

2 <noun> a prang
A small car crash or scrape. Sometimes also used to describe a more severe car crash, when trying to make it sound less serious.
1 "Oh fuck man, that's the third time a police car's come past in 15 minutes, I am pranging the fuck out!"

2 "Sorry, I can't drive you to work tomorrow, the car's at the garage after a little prang I had yesterday."
by stoner_jack March 1, 2011
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(Australian) - what your 50 year old Aunt Freda (you know her, the cheek-pinching, overweight, oversize glasses, prickly upper lip and funny smelling one, every family's got one) would call a car accident.

Prang by itself usually refers to a car park-type ding. A freeway pile-up with 14 fatalities is a "nasty" prang.
Aunt Freda: "Sorry I'm so late dear, there was a nasty prang on the West Gate. My, haven't you grown..."
by Choda Boy 57 August 11, 2006
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like paranoid.
'wasn't you prang walking round smoking a zoot?' - 'yes like bare prang!'`
by abcefabcdef February 17, 2011
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im pranging out- ive jus taken crack and coke
by J-amizzle April 10, 2006
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When bunnin a zute, if someone is all scared about fedds clockin them then they would be prang.
Not just bunnin, it could be anything dangerous.
1:shit is that man a cop
2:na fam ur just prang
1na im not man!
2:u are tho man just cotch!
1:iyt mate sorry.
by manssss August 1, 2011
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