British slang

Being on ones-own. Shorter form of playground jibe 'Billy Bates, got no mates'. Referring to some imaginary character 'Billy Bates', who is too sad to have any friends.

Can refer to ones-self as 'being on my bates'. In other regions is just referred to as being 'Billy No Mates'
Example1: Look at Malcolm is playing on his own, arrrr, he's Billy Bates, got no mates!

Example2: I'll order a pizza tonight, I'm on my bates.
by BaiChocTuDou October 18, 2012
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Bates: when more than 4 inches of one's ass crack is showing
Rocky: pull your pants up your Bates is showing!!

Zach: I can't spread mulch and cover my Bates at the same time
by Taintbanger December 23, 2016
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When an older guy tries to pull girls out of a strip club for a sexual or basic relationship.
Friend 1:
So I met this stripper after she got off and drove her home last night.

Friend 2: You mean you pulled a Bates
by The Catt November 28, 2011
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Bate/. To savagley beat something or someone.

A term used by members of the travelling community.
"I'll bate te head o' ye jack buy."

"Tell Mary Threebellies I'll bate tem fuckin kids o' hers, I'll bate tem so help me god. And tell treebellies i'd bate her any day so i wuld."

"treebellies wont fight ye cus shes scared of the baten ud give her, de fat cunt that she is"
by tomo's young lad January 16, 2009
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Somebody acting in a way that is likely to get them hit/insulted.
Can be used for anything is if it is not good.
"Don't be bait"
by Rich's Words Kill December 09, 2003
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An interjection used to express great joy. It most commonly used during pre-climaxes when masturbating. But, it is a great way to let the world know you are happy to be a man. It can be used as loudly, like the battle cry of a chronic chicken choker, or softly, like you would whisper to your nonexistent lover. One last use is when you know you are smarter than someone, but still feel challenged by them. You can gain the high ground by stroking your ego with a scream of BATE!
1. ugh, guh, mggh, ugh ugh guh, oogh, oo, ooooo, .... BATE!

2. Emmet: Dude, you just beat me in a battle of wits. It doesn't matter though, because I am cooler and get more chicks than you.
Ian: uh.... BATE!
by Felix Awesome October 24, 2009
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When somebody is being harsh, either as a joke or not
Dan: Tom, you have a massive nose.

Tom: Ah! That's bate on me!
by PotEd September 28, 2012
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