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1. Bastard-like

2. The description of one's actions being like that of a bastard
Chris bastardly chastised Dan for his inadequate performance even though he didn't deserve it.
by Tim November 10, 2004
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verb: A combination of Dastardly and Bastard, whereby the actions of an individual or group constitute bastard like proportions of dastardly behavior. Premeditated and planned complex screwing over.
In the game Soyoban (Cat Mario), many of the levels included gimmicks and expert scenarios which made them bastardly to complete.
by darianknight September 12, 2009
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1. Acting the same as a bastard.
2. A word that should have been used in every South Park episode whenever Kenny inevitably dies.
3. How a bastard child is conceived.
by MDarcon March 09, 2018
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