The red zone of a tachometer. redline The act of redlining an engine.
To get through this mud bog, we’re gonna have to give her the ketchup.

Don’t be afraid to give her the ketchup.
by Noonan April 24, 2020
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a euphemism for ecstasy, for talking about it in public
there's no real reason why the word ketchup is used...it just works because it's common and something you ingest
Nightming: i think i had too much ketchup
Jonalina Hunnybuns: no such thing as too much
by jonalina March 10, 2009
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A tomato based condiment used on fries, hot dogs, hamburgers and what not.

Sometimes refereed to as Catsup by ignorant fools.
Jim: Please pass the catsup
Me: What? I'll kill you, damn ignorant fool. KETCHUP!!!
by Nettled October 15, 2003
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a bad cook's best friend. made from magical ingredients, it has the ability to make even the most repulsive food at least bearable.
every time i burn pancakes i throw some ketchup on them and people always eat them.
by bobertdude January 26, 2009
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Ketchup is actually from the Cantonese word "ket-zup'" (emphasis on the second syllable) and it means "tomato sauce". It migrated to North America with the workers on the American and Canadian railroads, who often later started chinese restaurants throughout the US and Canadian mid-west.
by vincebyfield October 20, 2003
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