1. A child whose parents ain't married
2. A way to insult someone without swearing
Did you know Leonardo Da Vinci is a bastard?

Thou art a damned, maggot-eating bastard!
by The Best UD User January 30, 2017
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To Bastardize :

To take something and

Fuck it up beyond
all recognition.
Chipmunk Remixes (A song sped up 1.5x times, which gets millions of views.)

by x0racunx March 22, 2010
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Besides the usual usages of a child born out of wedlock and a suitable name for someone you don’t like, there are other meanings as well. At one time it was used to refer to a hybrid device or one adapted from one purpose to another; in 1517 it was used to refer to second rate Spanish Sack wines and in engineering it refers to a type of coarse-toothed file.
“Shit! What a bastard!”
What do you mean?”
Take your pick.”
by AKACroatalin February 12, 2016
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A term used to describe a retarded bastard.
Man, Tom is so bastarded.
by niggakooch August 18, 2009
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bas-tard-ize (Verb)

1. To diminish the quality or character of;

2. To declare or name someone a bastard; illegitimize

3. To fuck something up; completely ruin it.
I usually like cover songs, but they really bastardized a classic.
by invisibleninjas August 11, 2009
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1) The process of making something illegitimate
2) The process of bringing something to a form which is not as good as the one it was in before, i.e. the language glorified by urbandictionary.com
by Kevin Smith January 01, 2004
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(adj): Describes any action indicative of a bastard.

Not to be confused with the noun tense Bastardice.

Synonymous to Bastardly.
"Dude, you just tried to sneak a block lead into my coffee.....what a Bastardous thing to do."
by DuexTres March 31, 2009
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