Something that is disgusting, displeasing or boring.
Urrrgh that is second rate man.
by lewy15 May 22, 2008
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someone who will only hang out with you if they have nothing to do, and are very bored. usually apart from this they will rarley speak to you
Jenny's new boyfriend was busy on saturday so she relied on her second rate mate to watch a movie with her.

whenever im bored i can rely on my second rate mate rob to come over and keep me company
by lifes.two.short May 7, 2006
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A friend who while typically is in the friend group, only asked to hang out when everyone else is busy or unavailable.
"You always cancel our plans last second to hang out with someone else, and it makes me think I'm just a second-rate friend"
by Anonymous Person 652718 September 8, 2023
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