without some1 or something, you or your life will be better
It is usually better off alone.
Everyone would be better off without coke.
by Bai LI September 3, 2007
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1. Ususally implying that someone is a useless piece of crap.
2. Situation where there is no upside, therefore the only way out is to commit suicide and/or, be killed.
3. Suggests pain will not yield, and only escape is death.
1. Sera: Ryan is so inept and a waste of skin.
Tish: Yeah, he'd be better off dead.

2. Elisabeth is going to be trapped at the psycho ward, and she's sane. She feels like she'd be better off dead.
by Elisara January 28, 2008
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Used to imply that someone's life is so inconsequential, that they would be worth more to the world if their flesh was cured and smoked into delicious people-bacon.
Man 1: While you were gone, that hot girl from the bar called to see if you wanted to go out on friday. I told her you'd have to check with your parole officer.
Man 2: Dude, you'd be better off bacon.
by themilkmantrink August 9, 2011
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Reference to a female slut that truly has no redeeming qualities other than when she's fat on her back getting smashed.
Hey braaaah are you dating the new cashier?
Are you kidding me? That chick is Better Off Flat. I'm just smashin' it brooohhhh!
by Eaton Holgoode October 29, 2015
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Yeah mate when I was in the club last night they played Better Off Alone and I thought it was the 90s again
by The Rutmeister April 29, 2022
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