When you deep throat so deep that you stick a ball in each cheek.
by Dr. Andy October 1, 2007
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During a blowjob, a female may be able to deepthroat a man's cock. Truly experienced ladies can also engulf the balls into their mouth, causing them to have the appearance of a chipmunk storing nuts in the cheeks.
Lisa was deepthroating me last night and totally chipmunked my nuts.
by P--Nasty January 28, 2014
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When one goes to a party where drinks are available, and procedes to stash the beers or bottles in their bag or coat, resembling a chipmunk stashing nuts in their mouth.
Yeah bro, I totally chipmunked a few brewskis from that shitty party.
by Danatee January 28, 2009
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When its been a long time since a male has ejaculated, he fills his partners mouth up with so much cum... she looks like a Chipmunk
Dude, its been so long since I ejaculated... after I let loose in her mouth, she looked like a Chipmunk
by Leperchaun Lover December 7, 2010
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To stab a girl's crotch violently with your penis.
It must go all the way into the crotch for it to be a "chipmunk"
Todd: "Dude, I chipmunked Vanessa last night!"
Ian: "Big f*****g deal, I chipmunked YO MOMMA 2 MIN AGO!
by YeMaj 44 May 31, 2008
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Chipmunk is a animal but can also be used as a word nobody understands
by DarkTigers March 18, 2021
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A sexual act that occurs when a guy puts both of his testicles in his partners mouth, one in each cheek, and puts his penis down the back of his partner's throat.
the partner's cheeks are full like that of a chipmunk.
by Wayne Triplett January 20, 2009
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