basicly a 4 string low guitar tuned E,A,D,G and way better insturment than a guitar.sounds and looks way better too(my opinion).
listin to billy sheehan play bass
by fudgehole November 10, 2005
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an instrument shaped, held, and fingered much like a guitar, only cooler. bass players happen to be much much sexier than guitar players, despite popular belief. i would bang any bass player in a second, provided he was any good. double points if he's british..
Lisa: that guitarist is a glory hog, but the bass player is talented
Me: and damn sexy.
Lisa: agreed.
by Katie February 22, 2005
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Short for either the bass guitar (also known as the "electric" bass) or the upright bass (also known as "bass fiddle", "double bass", "contrabass", "string bass", or "acoustic bass"). Although different in design, both of these musical instruments essentially serve the same role: providing a low bottom-end to the music and a link between the rhythm and lead sections of a band. Though plenty of exceptional players have shown that the bass can additionally be a versatile lead instrument in its own right.
"At night I could hear the bass reverberate through the neighborhood. The guitars and drums were muffled, but the bass traveled everywhere. I loved that, and wanted to have the power to shake buildings. Also, the bass was big and manly; guitars were little and wimpy, with these thin little strings that looked like Velveeta cheese cutters." - Billy Sheehan
by Bill M. August 30, 2004
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1) A far more sophisticated, fun, and powerful instrument evolving from the upright jazz bass shaped like a guitar, oftenly cosisting 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 12 strings. Used in most modern music and hardly given any recognition, the bass produces low-end sounds and notes used often to provide rhythm along with percussion instruments or backup to another instrument, such as an electric guitar.

2) What the idiot ghetto kids at your school refer to as a guitar, think electric varieties can produce sound when not plugged in, see as an "evil" instrument used in heavy metal music worshipping Satan, and view only as a tool to get you laid, which is just an added bonus.
Some famous bass players include Flea, Jaco Pastorius, Les Claypool, Geddy Lee, and Ginger Baker.
by DexterSR300DX April 6, 2003
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what all good music is about.
eric clapton doesn't know the meaning of bass
by benjamin_stewart August 4, 2005
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This word has multiple meanings. I see that the musical instrument part and fish part are well written already, so I'll skip these two and define it according to Meghan Trainor's songs:
Bass, in contrary to treble, refers to women that are not model-thin, and has confident in their body shape; they don't try to lose weight unhealthily, or feel sorry for themselves for not being 'fit' to society's trending standards.
(Lyrics quote) You know I won't be no stick-figure silicone barbie doll, so if that's what you're into then go 'head and move along...because you know I'm all about that bass, no treble.
(Lyrics quote)I smell her on your collar...I gave you bass, you gave me sweet talk...Tell me do you think I'm dumb?
by Evergreen712 January 20, 2015
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Low frequency oscillations produced by rapid movement of large volumes of air at multiple cycles per second thus producing a very low rumbling sound that is harnessed and used in music form
Hey mr. dj why dont you drop that bass
by Justice October 16, 2002
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