the spot between the balls and the ass
"tell him to lick my bass - that's the spot between the balls and the ass"

"damn my bass is itchy"
by garry dean June 4, 2007
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The fine art of shoving ones testciles into an anus. Balls in the ass my friends, balls in the ass.

Comes in the single and double variety.
That chick has a sweet cornhole... I'd love to bass that bitch!
by Beepo July 12, 2006
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the thumping in a girls clit, when they are really turned on.
When Chase rubbed me, dat bass was thumpin girllll!
by pussy_killer June 2, 2009
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from the latin words "bad" and "ass" meaning "bad-ass".
by Daniel Andrews August 16, 2007
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a last name that causes many people to get made fun of
person1 :"whats your name"
person2 :"bob bass"

two days later

by bassgirl December 8, 2005
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When it is impossible to distinguish where an obese person's back fat ends and their ass begins. Combination of the words "back" and "ass".
Nacho: Hey, that new guy William Jones that started yesterday, is one fat motherfucker.

Gabe: Fuck yeah, he's so fat that he don't just have ass, he's got bass.
by Gabriel D. Sanchez May 22, 2009
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