An abreviation for badass.
"Whoa, the Amazing Spiderman is totally bass!"
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something that flops rapidly and drops
D D D D DROP THE BASS *fish flies out of hands*
by OOGA BOOGA JOOGA GOOGA February 17, 2017
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the heart of techno musik,, the sound that goes boom_boom_boom,, the one component musik is worthless without cuz its sik shitt
" funk u DJ,, turn up the BASS "
" this bass is sik "
" this bass is the shite "
" Hosana does not like this song because it does not contain enough boom-boom bass "
by Techno_chiC March 22, 2008
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The reason you bought a subwoofer and listen to rap.
Yo the lyrics are shit but the bass is tight yall
by bloodTYPE R July 9, 2010
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Very cool or satisfying; word may have been derived from "badass".
Can be used as "bass" or "a bass".
Pronounced as "base".
"That concert last night was a huge bass."
"Bass. French fries and chicken fingers for dinner."
by EMONEYCRACK October 19, 2006
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4+ stringed instrument that, should there be no Entwistle or Claypool for the current generation, will forever be associated with boring types who just wanna be in a band and down low in the mix
Ya know, all bassists weren't nerds in a high school jazz band. Long Live The Rickenbacker!
by Alex April 17, 2003
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A four string guitar that is several octaves lower than a guitar. It is more commonly played with your fingers than a pick. Also, bassers (more commonly known as bassists) are usually the weird ones in the band.

They are also usually quieter and calmer than guitarists and drummers. And can therefore usually be pushed around more easily.
Guitarist Chick: Let me straighten your ridiculously curly hair!

Basser Dude: NO!

Guitarist Chick: Pleeeeease...

Basser Dude: Okay, fine.
by Sexy Guitar Chicks July 17, 2005
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