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A very good shot... Tastes just like Chocolate Cake, I swear.
Half Frangelico and half Vodka. Sugar coat a lemon and garnish.
by Evil Bella June 20, 2004
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Ancient form of body modification involving inflicting designed and planned wounds to the body with the intention of leaving a scar for aesthetic reasons.
Common with darker-skinned people and cultures, because scarring shows better than tattooing in people with more melanin.
Scarification may be done by burning, cutting or with chemicals.
Scarification is not related to self-injury, because of the difference in motives. Scarification should be done in a sterilized environment by a professional, with the intention of aesthetic value.
by Evil Bella March 31, 2005
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Hairy persons version of fo' shizzle my nizzle. Means "Shave my belly button!"
Fo' shavel my navel, whitey!
by Evil Bella January 10, 2004
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Drummer for legendary punk band The Ramones. Also last surviving member.
by Evil Bella September 20, 2004
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Cheap instant noodles. Comes in a hard brick of noodles which you throw into a pot on the stove with water in it for 3 minutes. Once the noodles are done, you have lots of options. If you like ramen, try this: strain the noodles, put them in a bowl and add 3/4 of the seasoning packet. Whoo hoo! Also comes in cup o' soup which is for the microwave. Available in many flavors and brands but the best by far is Maruchan Shrimp. DONT EAT TOP RAMEN SHRIMP IT TASTES LIKE SALT WATER!!
Welcome to RAA, Ramen Addicts Anonymous.
by Evil Bella January 8, 2004
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My best friends 11 yr old sisters band name. She doesn't really play an instrument. Neither does her one band mate. They have one song. Schoolboy. Its alot like "skater boi". They drool over Avril Lavinge. My adjective for stupid wannabe-punk little avril lavinge fans.
by Evil Bella January 8, 2004
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A first-year student at a high school or university. Tends to travel in large packs for protection.
There are two types of Freshman. The cocky kind that think they are the shit, and recieve a respective ass kicking. Then there are the ones that realise they are not the shit and give proper respect to upperclassmen.
by Evil Bella October 23, 2004
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