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A band you claim you hate but secretly listen to their songs in your basement. Really really creepy but that just makes them yummier. I hate em but I love them. They just broke in America with "I Believe in a Thing Called Love". The lead singer screechs like a bat and fights off giant crabs! How cool is that?!
The next Queen? No! There is no next Queen!
by Evil Bella January 07, 2004
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Singer for the German Industrial Band Rammstein
Till Lindemann : german-licious :P
by Evil Bella January 07, 2004
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Ancient form of body modification involving inflicting designed and planned wounds to the body with the intention of leaving a scar for aesthetic reasons.
Common with darker-skinned people and cultures, because scarring shows better than tattooing in people with more melanin.
Scarification may be done by burning, cutting or with chemicals.
Scarification is not related to self-injury, because of the difference in motives. Scarification should be done in a sterilized environment by a professional, with the intention of aesthetic value.
by Evil Bella March 30, 2005
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Really cheap juice that comes in the gallon. The drink version of ramen! Comes in a huge variety of fruity flavors, peach and island punch are the best though.
The $0.75 Meal : Shrimp Ramen and a glass of Peach Tampico. Yum Yum.
by Evil Bella January 07, 2004
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A state in which you are not under the influence of any intoxicating substance.
When you aren't drunk, stoned, or tripping.
by Evil Bella March 05, 2005
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1. One who acts slutty whilst under the influence of marijuana.

2. One who will perform sexual acts in exchange for marijuana.

3. One who smokes weed often, and is sexually promiscuous.
Oh wow, Cindy is such a stoner slut.
by Evil Bella October 22, 2004
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