A large string instrument which plays very low tones and is, colloquially put, a bitch to carry around. The bass players have one of the hardest jobs in an orchestra, because they must keep a steady beat (to prevent the violins from speeding up or slowing down), but they must also change their tempo if the violins ignore their beat. The strings are usually tuned E, A, D, and G, in ascending order.
Sam: "Do I get to park in a handicapped parking spot because I have to carry a bass around?"

David: "No."

Sam: "Well, I should."

David: "Yeah. It's hard work, but playing string bass is awesome."

Sam: "Indeed."
by therealrustyspork October 9, 2009
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The best and most glorious of the instruments, although ridiculously large and loud. The strings are E, A, D, and G, also known as Death, Ok, Nice, and Good. The bassist's job is to act as a metronome (and to keep the violins from rushing). Be nice to them, they try their best.
Person A: Hey, I just started playing the string bass!

Person B: Good choice. It's totally the best instrument.
by word child March 12, 2017
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The underrated instrument in an orchestra. A string bass is the largest instrument in an orchestra, and has the lowest notes, and is the quietest instrument. In ascending order, the bass has the E string, A string, D, string, and G string. The bass’s purpose in an orchestra is to keep a tempo usually for other instruments in the orchestra. Basses don’t always do this, they can have the melody, it’s just not so common. It’s also not an easy instrument to play, it’s quite difficult. It’s still a wonderful instrument to play that can create beautiful music. The orchestra also depends on the bass to be on the beat to keep the other instruments in sync with each other, and to be in tune. The bass is really an important instrument. Don’t give bass players any crap, it can really get to them sometimes. They’re important!
Person A: What’s that big instrument in the back of the orchestra?

Person B: Oh! That’s a string bass!

Person A: It doesn’t do much.

Person B: Well, actually, it does. You may not be able to hear it too well, but the bass is keeping the rest of the orchestra on the beat and in tune!

Person A: Wow, it sounds like the orchestra really relies on the bass a lot.

Person B: They do, but they don’t like to admit it. They just give them a lot of crap.

Person A: Wow. They shouldn’t do that.

Person B: IKR!
by Just writing definitions August 19, 2019
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A bass guitar, usually electric, that has six strings instead of the normal five or four. John Myung, the beast bassist from Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment, uses one.
Man, John Myung was groovin' on his six string bass with Liquid Tension Experiment last night on Chris & Kevin's Excellent Adventure.
by EmoShallBurn December 6, 2008
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Bass instrument of the string family as opposed to the tuba or sousaphone of the brass family. In years past it was common for instrumentalists to be proficient in both instruments; tuba and string bass. Brass bass is easier to march with for parades and such. While string bass is often preferred in instances such as concert and dance ensembles because it is physically less effort to play over longer periods of time
I can bow my string bass night long
by FiSH March 25, 2020
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