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The only known liquid-state form of crack cocaine.
I need my fix so I'm gonna go buy a 12-pack of Vanilla Coke.
by Kharivas August 26, 2004
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Donovan McNabb, starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. #5. A good all-around QB with a strong arm, and one of the best scramblers in the game.
"Ohman did you see McNabb make that pass last night?"
by Kharivas August 30, 2004
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Moving one's head back and forth to one side: A variant of headbanging
In an act of utter randomness, Joe decided to sidebang to the KISS video rather than boring ol' headbanging.
by Kharivas December 8, 2004
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When pronounced "base"--
1: Guitar-like stringed instrument used in bands and orchestras.
2: The ever-popular bass guitar, which is used by many smaller bands.
3: Any other instrument or item that emits low-pitched, rumbling sounds. Ex.: A bass trombone, bass-boost speaker system, and so on.
4: The lowest voice division in choir, hopefully composed of males. Basses aren't always able to sing something worthy of Barry White but they're typically on the lower end of the voice spectrum.

When pronounced "bass"--
A common type of fish; sometimes "bass" is used to refer to a single species of this type, ex.: largemouth bass.
1: Johnny plays the bass in the orchestra.
2: Dude, that garage band has THE best bass player I've ever seen.
3: That speaker system is tight! I love that rumblin' bass line, man.
4: I am a Bass in the church choir.

1: 'Ey, Joe, let's go bass fishing. My wife is being an evil bitch.
by Kharivas November 20, 2004
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Internet acronym. Usually stands for "or something like that".
<greatpenguin> ow, fuck! I'm bleeding! Get me a bandage, oslt.
by Kharivas September 6, 2003
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Yet another obscure acronym in the tradition of "oslt". NMiaOW usually implies "Not Meant in an Obscene Way".
<greatpenguin> (in sheer surprise and shock) Wow! Fuck me with a 2-metre dildo!
<randomperv> ...okay
<greatpenguin> ... nmiaow.
by Kharivas October 8, 2004
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What millions of perverts are looking for on Neopets and various other sites originally intended for pre-pubescent audiences.
"I need a girlfriend, hey sweetychik1990 will u be my gf"
by Kharivas September 7, 2003
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