Noun - Actually a devise for measuring pressure. Is commonly used by adults esp. teachers/coaches as any kind of obscure measurement. A PSAT, for example, acts as a barometer for how well you will do in the actual SAT.
Coach: The interval workout we're doing today will serve as a barometer to see how well you'll run in a meet.
by Cheesy13 August 19, 2005
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This is a synonym for a penis in porn films. It is derived from the ability of an experienced penis and its experienced user to determine the suitability of a vagina, breast, anus or in fact any other body part for fucking or coital relations.

Typically the barometer functions by being slapped or thrust vigorously through or against the body part under test.
"My penis is the best barometer. The best test of a good tit!"
by Azbo The Great! March 10, 2017
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Instrument used to measure the shit pressure in the atmosphere. Used to anticipate a shit storm and potential influx of shit hawks; whom may either spread their shit or swoop down and take humans away to the shit nest.
"Do you know what a shit barometer is bubs?" "It measures the shit pressure in the atmosphere" "Your ears will implode from the shit pressure"
by Stall101 October 29, 2009
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When dropping barometric pressure creates a pressure differential between the inside of one's intestines and the atmosphere, resulting in the urge to poop.
Man, I just had a barometer poop -- The weather must be getting shitty.
by nonfish September 29, 2014
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That miraculous sensor situated in the anal tract that enables the operator to determine whether the chamber is loaded with gas or solid matter, before risking a fart. The Bombay barometer may give faulty readings when, for example, swamped by large quantities of beer and curry, with disastrous results.
"Who dropped the dark blockbuster? Smells like someone's Bombay barometer failed!"
by bromp January 20, 2009
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Something used to define social norms and gauge appropriate behavior in a social situation.
If you are using John as a social barometer, you are in trouble.
by Jammenhammer August 3, 2006
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An instrument that measures changes of the air pressure inside of an anal cavity without using a sausage.
Sorry hun, my anal barometer is big to fit in your thigh!
by analholio March 7, 2016
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