same as a fuck buddy, but for those of us over 35.
I'm not looking for anything serious right now, but I'd love to be your coital companion.
by Brandy Lush March 6, 2010
During the foreplay portion of a sexual encounter, the point in time in which one or both of the partners exchange various faults and insecurities that they believe would make them less appealing as a sexual partner. Typically done while dry-humping, before the clothes are removed. It's a classic win-win situation, as by that point, the other person doesn't really care, and you get the guilt off your chest of trying to be someone you don't exactly fit the profile of.
Jessie: Oh, you should know, I haven't shaved in a few days.

Thomas: As much as I appreciate the coital confessions, babe, I'm just too horny to care.
by iCame September 29, 2009
The toast-coital repast gave her the strength to get dressed and leave.
by bullterrier July 21, 2007
A coital handjob is where the female sits on the base of the male's penis and dry humps it for sexual stimulation, while giving the said penis a handjob. Thus providing both partners with sexual pleasure without actual intercourse.
So last night I got a coital handjob. I got all the humping and moaning without the kid scare.
by takewhatIhave April 13, 2006
The after effect of sex where in the semen slowly drips out of an orifice. It doesn't matter what orifice.
" When i finished with her, the coital drip ruined her new dress"
by MaDDnEsS13 January 9, 2010