An inexperienced or imcompetent police officer, more likely to be found on a small town police force or rural sheriff's department than in a big city. Derived from a character played by Don Knotts on the old Andy Griffith show.
That hayseed deputy who pulled me over last week was a real barney fife.
by Peugeotjoker May 20, 2005
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To put and end to a task or thought in it's early stages.
To be used in place of the phrase "Nip it in the bud", as Barney Fife (Don Knotts) from The Andy Griffith Show used to say.
Adam: "I heard Joe wants to ask your sister out to the club Saturday night."
Kevin: "That scumbag? I'd better Barney Fife that idea right away!"
by Joe Fink December 4, 2007
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The dumbest asshole on the Andy Griffith show
Barney Fife almost shot himself on the show
by Dead Whiteman March 26, 2017
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Biden's maiden name was Fife. Hence the name, Barney Fife Biden
by Fag Basher August 31, 2021
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A Barney Fife - Giving the impression of having comprehensive knowledge about everything, but in reality, knows absolutely nothing,
As a rule of thumb, a Barney Fife is when you your transducer over there and connect it to your induction unit over here, then you hook them both, to your power cell over here. Of course, your definitely gonna wanna protect...ummm...your privates with a lead blanket, especially if you’re thinking of having kids at some point, seeing as this baby pumps out, as of yet, unknown levels of exceedingly dangerous radiation.while order operational.
by GMan2019 July 31, 2019
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To wear one's pants up way too high
Applies mostly to guys. Similar to butterface in terms of definition.
I met cute guy at the club last night. He seemed nice but he was Barney Fifed so I don't know
by 4realazitgits May 5, 2021
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A common and very annoying gaming phenomena in First Person Shooters, It is when ever you have one remaining bullet and no remaining ammo in your clip. It is a reference to Barney Fife who is only allowed a single bullet in his gun.
Wes: Damn it I’m Barney Fifing

Wes (Over chat): Someone on my team cover me I am Barney Fifing over here !
by Shotinthepooper December 17, 2020
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