A unmarried woman, usually a young woman who may or may not have had sexual relations. Another word for "virgin" before "virgin" was imported by the French-speaking Normans.

In olden days, portrayed as a sweet, innocent, fawn-eyed girl who is naïve about sex.

"Girl" and "maiden" were once gender-neutral words that refered to a young person of either sex.
The unfortunate maiden became prey for the dragon.
by Lorelili September 2, 2006
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an attractive, usually innocent young girl who may or may not have ever engaged in sexual intercourse. Ofter used when referring to olden times.
Yonder maiden beckons!
by Emma W. January 23, 2006
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1) A young lady, especially an unmarried one.

2) Short for iron maiden. A Mideval torture device used in Germany. Basically, it was a coffin. The head and body of a maiden were sculpted into it to give the machine more dignity and elegance. The insides of the doors were lined with spikes, which would pierce the victim, although not fatally, so that he/she would die a slow, painful death.
Women, and especially attractive maidens, were given much grief in times past. Men would look for any excuse to torment them.
by Lorelili March 12, 2005
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1) A young female virgin.
2) Short for Iron maiden
3) First
"I like maidens!"

"Maiden rule"

"Titanic sunk on its maiden"
by Gumba Gumba March 6, 2004
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The term 'Maiden' is a portmanteau of the X Factor finalist Aiden Grimshaw's and X Factor winner Matt Cardle's first names. It is used to describe their bromance that came to be through the X Factor 2010.
Girl 1:Did you see the song Matt wrote for Aiden?

Girl 2: Yeah! Cutest. Thing. Ever. I love Maiden! <3
by miffy45 December 18, 2010
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