A county employee who works twice as hard as municipal and state employees while earning less money. Also, a police officer who is not a dick like a trooper or a town clown
Town clown: Damn that deputy is doing all the work we should be doing!
Trooper: Yea and he still qualifies for welfare!!!
Municipal cop: Hey! The media is here! Look busy guys!!!
by supercop September 26, 2008
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When two men are simultaneously enjoying one woman and one of the two accidentally cums on the other guy. Thus you've shot the sheriff, so you are a Dirty Deputy.
Tom and Tim were getting her from both sides when all of a sudden Tom lost control and pulled a Dirty Deputy all over Tim. Tim wasn't sure whether to cry or to finish.
by Angry E August 03, 2009
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Extremely short, form-fitting shorts worn by a man, made popular by the "Reno:911" Character Lt. Dangle.
The male counterpart to Daisy Dukes, made popular by the "Dukes of Hazzard" character Daily Duke.
"Those Deputy Dangles he's got on don't leave much to the imagination."
by Tom Twedell March 23, 2008
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A racist bitch who think she’s the shit because she has a man hair cut and a super hero behind behind a badge. Gets no dick so has to make pleasure in ruining kids life.
Deputy smith is a fucking cunt.
by Iloveblondes January 15, 2020
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An obese police officer or sherrif or any deputy thereof who is restricted from running due to his weight.
~Such a person is sensative to the word donut because he is "trying to lose weight."
Deputy Donut over there caught me smoking pot, but I outran his ass!
by Colonel_Cheesemonkey October 03, 2006
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