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Red on the outside, white on the inside. A pejorative term used by Native Americans towards other Native Americans accused of "acting white," which would include such things as excelling in school, getting and holding a job, staying out jail, not drinking & drugging, and behaving appropriately in daily interactions with people of other races. Similar to the use of Oreo by African Americans.
That Native kid takes so much crap at home because he's getting A's and B's in school. His whole family thinks he's an apple.
by Peugeotjoker May 20, 2005

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1.) One who tries too hard to ingratiate themselves to others, in order to be liked, or to get votes.

2.) Most politicians.
1.) Larry told me what a great job I'm doing again today. He is such a tool.

2.) Congressman (Mark) Green (R-WI) will say anything to get some buzz about his campaign for governor. What a tool!
by Peugeotjoker March 28, 2005

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Among Native Americans, an after pow wow party featuring socializing with booze, drugs and snagging.
Buck got so wasted at the 49 last night that he passed out in the back of his pickup.
by Peugeotjoker September 15, 2006

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Among Native Americans, a common term for hooking up.
We found Richie and Janet snagging in the back of his pickup outside the bar last night.
by Peugeotjoker September 15, 2006

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An inexperienced or imcompetent police officer, more likely to be found on a small town police force or rural sheriff's department than in a big city. Derived from a character played by Don Knotts on the old Andy Griffith show.
That hayseed deputy who pulled me over last week was a real barney fife.
by Peugeotjoker May 20, 2005

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A cheap magnetic ribbon which a moron affixes to his SUV, in order to show that he cares deeply about the kids who are getting killed in Iraq so he can keep driving five blocks to rent a video and pick up a bucket of KFC.
I swear if I see another one of those stupid yellow ribbon magnets on the back of an SUV that cuts me off in traffic, I'm going to start taking the bus to work.
by Peugeotjoker May 16, 2005

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A suburban middle management type who buys a shiny new Harley Davidson to ride on the weekends, while togged out in pristine leathers. Thinks he is cool but is really just a pretentious brand name status seeker. The bike is usually in the garage next to the minivan and the trailer with the jet skis.
Did you see what Lloyd has in his garage? I always knew he was a Harley yuppy.
by Peugeotjoker May 20, 2005

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