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AKA hay seed

A slow witted or unstylish person from the rural midwest.
The used tractor depot was full of hayseeds and rednecks.
by Verdant December 31, 2004
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derogatory term for a rural member of the American working class. This cutesy term has a demonizing impact on class consciousness, segregating the rural worker from his urban counterpart.
Hayseeds go back to the country, never to be heard from again.
by T-Dog Jenkins March 16, 2005
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One who is naive. Especially pertaining to those of rural background.
By wearing his gotchie outside of his overalls, he looked more like a hayseed then a superhero.
by Paul June 24, 2004
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a common person, somebody of little intelligence and social status.
originates from elderly country folk
a hayseed could be somebody on the dole by their own desire and living in a council estate
by seamus13 June 09, 2010
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Someone who shovels manure; a shitkicker.

Someone who spends all their time on a farm away from civilization
The grunt that works on the farm was a total hayseed. good for feeding the chickens
by dracula January 23, 2005
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In the Military: A derogatory term used by higher ranking members as a sort of "nickname" for those below their own rank.
Hayseed, quit fucking around and get back to work
by teddy098 December 28, 2010
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