A principle, especially in politics, that one should have patience to wait till the final result is out and not act in haste or aggressively to challenge the result before it is out. From biden (not in use), which means to wait.
Bidenism has defeated Trumpism in the just concluded presidential election of 2020.
by Uttam Maharjan 2 November 8, 2020
A word that has been canceled because snowflakes are easily offended.

Part II:
The pendulum swing of McCarthyism in modern, leftist culture. Bidenism occurs when people are outed and canceled for dissenting opinion and persecuted for their beliefs.

It is an act of Bidenism that private citizens cannot express their beliefs regarding masks and the pandemic. It affects us all, including Senator Rand Paul. You will be canceled on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. In fact, an act of Bidenism resulted in the original definition of Bidenism to be removed from Urban Dictionary.
Bidenism gets people kicked off Facebook for questioning the usefulness of masks.

Bidenism allowed the original Bidenism definition to mysteriously disappear from Urban Dictionary. BTW- UD- stop being cowards.
by RutherfordIII December 28, 2022
Guy with hairy legs and a dump truck of an ass
All the kids came up to rub Biden’s legs
by Pro freedom May 3, 2021
A word to describe the many gaffes of Joe Biden. Similar to Bushisms.

"I am the husband of Joe Biden"

"This is my sister, Jill"

."I have three shotguns, now I have five because my son died and now I have three of his, that's five shotguns."

"Poor kids are just as smart as white kids"

by AveTrueToCaesar November 12, 2020
A man who calls out malarkey when he sees it.
Don't bring your malarkey in here bitch, or Imma Biden yo ass!
by America Lover 🇺🇸 October 30, 2019
to be better than everybody at something but get no credit for it because you aren't the "rock star"
he's way more qualified for the job, he's not as young or good-looking, so he got bidened.
by l-dizzle86 January 6, 2008