Similar to vaginitis. Typical pussy liberal retard that is offended common sense.
Roger: Dude, what's Ron's problem? He's acting like he has sand in his vag.

Daryle: That's just his liberitis acting up..... I called Tyrone a black person..... The politically correct term is African American.
by Roids O'Flarin January 24, 2017
If used in a non-political sense, "liberal" simply means "a lot."
I'd like a large popcorn with a liberal amount of butter, please.
by Doc Sigma September 24, 2003
A term that humanity has almost entirely forgot it’s meaning. Liberalism used to be centrism then became progressive centrism now a complete communist is called a liberal by both fellow communists and even retard conservatives who don’t know the term.
That asshole wearing a kill all cops shirt and burning a building was called a liberal by conservatives and FOX News tonight, what a sad joke.
An ideology based on beliefs of economic and personal freedom, and the fact that social inequalities are a part of nature. (Also libertarianism to the American readers.)

A definition later to be distorted by Americans, who mainly associate "liberalism" with being left-wing on the political scale, disregarding the original and correct sense of the word.
Each man is the architect of his own fortune.
by Svengali April 9, 2004
That was a great party at Liber last night!
by Luut van Dijk September 30, 2019