v. as in "to bannon." 1. the act of attempting to suck one's own dick and failing; 2. the act of attempting to suck one's own dick and failing miserably because it's too f*cking short to reach beyond your pubic hair; 3. the act of attempting to suck your own dick but failing so miserably because you can't grab on to balls you don't have in order to wrestle your genitals into your yapping maw.
That guy was bannoning so hard I feared Trump would stick a golf tee in his ass and play through.
by TommyRocket July 28, 2017
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A man who cannot perform oral sex on himself due to being overweight and/or having a small penis.
He claims to be able to blow himself, but he's so fat that there's no way. I'm sure he's a bannon.
by lfbi July 27, 2017
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The pseudo-art of defending someone or something that has no soul or substance, that which is utterly indefensible.
Bannonism strikes again, he’s hoping you’ll be fearful enough and stupid enough to buy his nonlinear and psychotic bullshit.
by Dr Bunnygirl December 12, 2017
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The young man pulled his back muscles while attempting the Bannon.

Political meaning: When patting yourself on the back just isn't enough...go for the Bannon
by lasteaglescout July 28, 2017
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The act of autofellatio. Term first coined by Anthony Scaramucci, then White House Communications Director.
I remember seeing this film once, in college, where this guy shoves a cucumber up his ass and Bannons. Weirdly awesome.
by FarfelFox August 1, 2017
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Auto-fellatio. The act of sucking one's own dick.
Spineless Donald Trump really enjoys a nice long Bannon
by ItsRainingMeh July 28, 2017
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When a person or animal gets high on a substance, often in unexpected places. This usually ends in chaos for everyone.
by Ms.PotatoHead December 28, 2011
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