Someone who cannot or will not do the right thing, even though a small part of them knows they should. Spineless people often use phrases like " I don't give a flying fuck" or "I don't want to get involved"
My brother is spineless, probably because he doesn't want to deal with the wrath of his crazy ass wife, so I guess it's ok.
by Protectorfromevil January 16, 2016
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Won’t retaliate and will avoid conflict at all costs, if conflict finds it way to the person they will immediately retreate from the situation; physical or verbal.
John wouldn’t even stand up for himself when Terry was hanging shit on him the spineless bastard
by Cyez October 18, 2019
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Shu Sakamaki.
If you look up the word "spineless" in the dictionary, you will find a photo of Shu beside it. He can't do anything without help. Good-for-nothing deadbeat.
by Kanato Bakamaki October 28, 2017
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Someone that cannot own the mistakes instead gets to manipulate people and make everyone feel sorry for her. Spineless is when they act like your friend and talk behind your back. Spineless people has no moral respect and are usually very selfish people
See that Nicole the spineless cunt is at it again... No wonder he run away from the stalker.

Why dosnt she say it to my face and be honest.. how spineless
by Cuntchat December 20, 2018
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A wimp. A person without a spine. Someone who has others do the dirty work for them. Someone who backs down from confrontation or sneaks around and has others do the job for them.
1. Look at that kid who had his friend beat his enemy up.

2. Vitale hired someone else to abuse his ex. What a spineless sack of shit.
by Dthrone March 5, 2008
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A quality which can be attributed to a person who is constantly trying to cover their own backs in everything they say and do in order to protect their own position.
US State Department Chief Fence-Sitter Matthew Bryza has chipped in a puff-piece reminding Georgia that Saakashvili should, perhaps, be considered to be above the law, which speaks volumes about his spinelessicity.
by Carl Bildt March 24, 2014
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