Someone who thinks they got it, but they don't.
You think you're a bad dude. Reailty is, you're not.
by brendan January 28, 2005
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it is a designation generally used to delineate Baltimore cats from their DC counterparts. Dress is only one of the symptoms for the disease of countryness. The etymology of the word is probably a shortened form of Alabama, which is considered synonymous with countryness. Use has expanded to nationwide use calling out any country individual.
Man, Look at that Bamma! That fool is so country.
by DJ B 36 April 10, 2007
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Very bad weed, most often brown because it has been cut so much with tobacco.
Shit, all you guys got is some bamma?
by Angelacia June 24, 2007
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a tiny, red foosball (used in-play)
#1- Pass me the bamma. #2- Put that bamma in their goal.
by hedgehog44 December 4, 2008
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The term "Bamma" is used loosley to describe a person from Alabama or any of the other surrounding southern states.
I could tell from his accent that he was a bamma nigga.
by MoonCricket February 5, 2004
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Hey I only smoke 'dro, so save that bamma fo' yo' mamma
by DR_BOOTOO May 23, 2003
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