A general-multi used DC Metro area term used to describe a person who has no style, taste, or class. Usually this person has no idea that he/she is classified as a Bamma - rather they go about their daily lives thinking what they do, say, or wear is acceptable.
1. That dude came to work with dress slacks and white tube socks..what a BAMMA!
2. I got a co-worker who is missing 2 front teeth, but she came to work showing me a portofolio of pictures she got from Sears, talking about she's gonna be a model. Yo, that chick is a straight Bamma!
by Lycee March 16, 2005
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A person lacking style and/or common sense.
(originated from D.C/ MD)
style- "Dat nigga got on dem pink chucks and sweat pants, this nigga is a straight bamma"
common sense- "why would you even go over there without being straped, nigga yous a bamma"
by MzThang January 3, 2005
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A person who has no style, class, or swagger.

Basically, another word for someone who is whack.
You see Whitley over there with those asian slippers on?
Shes a straight bamma for wearing that.
by Jared Cartwright February 12, 2008
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D.C. slang for someone who is fony, fake,looserish, or a punk
by Carlos May 1, 2003
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A person who can't dress/ mix matched/ has no taste in clothes.
Look at that bamma, he's wearing orange, pink, and purple.
by K.O.S. April 21, 2003
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DC slang that says that you can't dress or do stupid stuff
You doin that bamma stuff over there
by sweetz June 24, 2004
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a term originated from Wash. DC/ MD used as slang for one who cannot dress, that doesn't keep up with trends or looks silly in his own. ALSO. one who does something silly/foolish without thinking.
"you did that? you a bammed out cuz!"

"you a bamma for doin that shit!"

"son this niggas a bamma! how the fuck u goin wear some sandals with slim fitted jeans?
by charlei May 18, 2009
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