Occurs when supervisory personnel intentionally undermine their staff through nefarious means.
Cathy browns her staff when she intentionally lies to and about the staff; demands increased performance of her staff while refusing to provide the tools and training necessary for them to meet the new performance standards; requires a member of her staff to assume supervisory capacity then refuses to acknowledge, reward and/or compensate that staff member for a job well done; forbids and prevents a staff member from working from home only to then beg that staff member to work from home on a project requiring immediate attention; surreptitiously and without approval accesses and reads her staff's emails; without further compensation, reduces by a week a staff member's accrued vacation hours to lessen the impact on her scheduling needs; bullies her staff into into 'doing as told' then denies having provided said direction...
by HighWire2013 January 23, 2014
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Any type of whiskey with a brown hue, ie. scotch, bourbon, canadian, etc.
"What would you like to drink?", "I'll have a brown."
by greg December 15, 2003
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"Brown" can mean quite a few things in the world of Ween. But for now, we'll just say it represents something that is fairly bodacious.
Did you hear that new Ween album? It's totally brown.
by Eric Hauge April 23, 2003
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What can BROWN do for you- UPS commercial adapted for junkies ode to heroin.
by Shabaho Jones February 04, 2004
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1.) A person with brown skin. sumtimes south asian(indian - like moi)
2.) famous mainly b/c of the UPS add. "what can brown do for you?" (ma personal motto)
I was made in India, therefore I am brown.
by injun February 27, 2005
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