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The result of something that's gone wrong, broken, tired out or messed up.
'Oh man, my cell phone doesn't work anymore. It's ballsed.'
by Scarletrocket December 13, 2014
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Verb - The act of tripping because of or in the event of getting hit in the balls or any other testicular discomfort, followed by a swift beating while rolling in pain and fierce laughter
Dude, did you hear? Zach just got ballsed by Sean and Mikey.
by bellitti August 27, 2009
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When a man/teenage boy hides illegal or unwanted substance or item inside there underwear, if the item being hid is too heavy often the item would be held inbetween the thighs behind the ball sack.

This is often done by school students when their school is about to conduct a bag search or random classroom search to find any illegal substances/stolen property/or weapons.
"Fam mrs bewart sent mr cocks to bag search me i ballsed the herbs"

Person A "why does this stink"
Person b"I ballsed I cuh I was being bag searched"
Person A "fam thats butters"
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by Pestoman May 29, 2018
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