The Yogscast is a large YouTube gaming group based in Bristol, England. Alongside the original founders (Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane) are many other gamers, editors, artists, and musicians, including the Gaijin Rock band Area 11. The Yogscast is largely perceived to be incompetent at every aspect of gaming, though several members break that trend. Besides gaming, the Yogscast has also produced various animations and songs. There are many channels within the Yogscast and each channel has a different mix of comedy, How-to, and general awesomeness. There is something for every viewer.
Person #1- Hey, do you watch the Yogscast?
Person #2- um... a bit, why?
Person #1- Because Honey, I'd like to dew you!
by Lochlyn November 04, 2014
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A youtube group of two people who are widely known for their MineCraft Videos.
Person 1: "Hey did you see the new yogscast video?"
Person 2: "There's a new one? It's been forever since their last one."
by The Great Purple March 08, 2011
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A talented group of gamers who play multiple varieties of games including minecraft, civilization v, Garry's mod, etc... Their most famous series "Shadow of Israphel" which is a role-playing minecraft adventure leaded by Xephos -Lewis Brindley and Honeydew- Simon Lane. Many other gamers is in the yogscast like sips, sjin, Lividcoffee, lomadia, and many more youtubers like hatfilms and pyrionflax.
by Yogscast January 22, 2015
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A YouTube group referred to generally when discussing Minecraft, not only are they probably the best British people ever, but it is probably the only British media that any American pays any attention to

(No offense British people)
Person 1:Dude have you ever heard of the Yogscast?

Person 2:I'm a dwarf and I'm digging a hole, diggy diggy hole, I'm digging a hole!

Person 1: I'll take that as a yes then...
by chrisisaginger June 01, 2011
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Made up of the same two Brits who do the YoGPoD and their friends, the Yogscast videos are on the BlueXephos channel, and there are collab videos on channels such as TotalBiscuit's Channel, Totalhalibut, and Jesse Cox's channel, OMFGcata.
Dave: Have you seen the latest Yogscast?
Tina: No, what was it about?
Dave: What do you think? Minecraft! I'm getting sick of that game!
by Hen ray June 12, 2011
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A YouTube channel very wide stream with 12 year old fanbase. Every series/video they make about a new game gets clogged with annoying new fanbase.
Man 1: Hey, did you hear Yogscast made a video about DayZ?

Man 2: Oh no, is going to be spammed with an annoying fanbase asking for free stuff?
by Zippy217 December 21, 2012
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