same as your nut sack
Oh! She kicked me in my hairy ball bag.
by Shane Marcot May 10, 2003
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this is when someone rubs you up the wrong way and you have no choice but to retaliate with a childish but seemingly funny piece of jargan
give me my mother f*%#ing book back you f&%#ing ball bag
by poo daddy April 24, 2005
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Idiot, wanker, loser someone not deserving of a minute of your time!
Jesus he's such a ball bag.
by ross canning June 30, 2003
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Form of endearment used by the NZDF land forces. Initally confusing as it creates a feeling of disatisfaction but eventually you grow to realise it secretly means they care.
Where the fuck are you going ball bag?! Get that fucking target up!

Hey ball bag! where's the rest of your section?
by Stolli March 29, 2008
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In addition to its use to designate the scrotum and its contents, BALL BAG can also refer to a weighted leather pouch that encloses the scrotum and testicles and distends them. The weights involved can be up to several pounds. Predominately gay S/M use in this sense.
Bob was punished by having two lbs added to the ball-bag he was forced to wear during the S/M session.
by Euphorbia May 30, 2005
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Person 1: Let me touch your ball bag nigga
Person 2: Oh yeah get in there and rub it boii
by The absolute fucking boss March 7, 2019
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The status of once proud and fearless gent of integrity who has lost his freedom and right to roam by submitting to the manipulations of a "ball bagger"..

This sad turn of events often happens to men in the prime of their lives, and could be a reaction to the stresses of "freedom" and the poor quality of casual pick-up material on offer these days..

Usually such specimens of men are rarely seen outside of the work environment or at family gatherings usually arranged by their miserable and deeply insecure female "owners". Any attempt to assert their previous rights to roam are met with histrionics, prolonged sulking, sex strikes and threats of "violence by proxy" often involving family members or friends of the ball bagger, the police, or family courts..

A ball bagged man is the butt of many jokes, as he lives in a form of comfortable castration rather like a neutered housepet.. But never has any real fun anymore, because his balls, are in "she who must be obeyed"'s handbag..
Bill realised, as he looked in the mirror at a body that was once lean and athletic but now looks as sad and sorry as the heap of lard sulking on the sofa that had ball bagged him into this pathetic life, that he was not really able to escape now. The price would be too high and he didn't want to end up unable to see his child, even though that was what had trapped him in this situation in the first place..
by Drex Johnson July 22, 2011
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