1. An expression of disbelief or annoyance.Can be used in the same way as bollocks!
2. A rebuttle of a shit comment made by another person who may or may not be a generic numpty.
What a load of old ballbags. Ballbags mate. Stop talking ballbags. That's ballbags.

For extra emphasis: Saggy ballbags mate!
Hairy ballbags!
by Almundoman April 13, 2008
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Form of endearment used by the NZDF land forces. Initally confusing as it creates a feeling of disatisfaction but eventually you grow to realise it secretly means they care.
Where the fuck are you going ball bag?! Get that fucking target up!

Hey ball bag! where's the rest of your section?
by Stolli March 29, 2008
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a ballbag is a bag to holds your balls.
if your dad didn't have a ballbag you wouldn't exist
by youngmen March 30, 2010
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In addition to its use to designate the scrotum and its contents, BALL BAG can also refer to a weighted leather pouch that encloses the scrotum and testicles and distends them. The weights involved can be up to several pounds. Predominately gay S/M use in this sense.
Bob was punished by having two lbs added to the ball-bag he was forced to wear during the S/M session.
by Euphorbia May 30, 2005
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Someone who doesnt know how to drive/merge in New York City

Someone that Kenny Hansen does not approve up

Kennys Nutsack

John Paul stop being a ballbag and look at the lady with the huge knockers

Man my ballbag is stuck between my boxers and my khaki shorts
by J Butts aka Nad September 01, 2008
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