A person who is extremely cheap and/or shady; a person that straight out lies to you for their own benefit; a person who thinks they're someone, but they're not.
I sold a Roland XC-540 to this ballbag for $22,800 and he went and bought his supplies from someone else!
by T. Le July 23, 2008
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Something you can call your mates or when there’s a cockroach in sight


“Aye my budda look ballbag crawling up the wall dere” you say this if you like see a cockroach on the wall
“Aye bro look dere ballbag in ya drink”

“Aye look there’s a ballbag in the bong and he still smokin it”


(Say to your mate)
“Hey ballbag what you been up too”
by My brothers Gorillaz chuz August 09, 2019
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Ball-Bag is a term used on the TV show, Impractical Jokers. Said by Joe Gatto, It just means, "Put the ball, in the bag."
by joshy_dun_t August 15, 2017
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