Usually used when someone is very stupid or dumb, but the normal term...male testicles!
Don't be such a ballbag all your life!
by Kim April 14, 2004
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“Did u see Lily Sabini? She looks like a ball bag”
by Freesciencelessons October 03, 2020
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one who is nice for there own benefit.
dave is only being nice to the foreman so he can work overtime. what a ballbag.
by pauliemoto October 09, 2011
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The sac that contains a males testicles. Hence is used as an insult, in the same way that nutsack and scrotum are.
Just fuck off you cunting ballbag! I hate you, you fuckin' gay ballbag!
by H3nnerz April 26, 2006
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Idiot, wanker, loser someone not deserving of a minute of your time!
Jesus he's such a ball bag.
by ross canning June 30, 2003
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A Bag that holds two balls...Or a bowling ball(But who uses it for that??)
My dad is a ballbag because he thinks I dont know he smokes pot and he is just a fucking ballbag!
by Seans sweaty taint November 07, 2003
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