n. A compressed brick of marijuana, usually ranging in weight from 10 to 40 pounds.*
Eddy just bought a bale from some stingy guy downtown. What, is he becoming a dealer now!?
by callinghome November 1, 2004
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In capable of performing under such conditions which are very easy to perform under.
Person A: You kno i have a test tommorow, and i didnt study shit WALLA.
Person B: YA5I BALEED.
by Baleedist January 21, 2009
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Being incredibly awkward around a girl until the point where one is irresistible
He pulled the bale last night, and she sucked his pee pee
by ANEGPI January 5, 2010
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To grievously attack, either physically or verbally, a person or group of people to such a degree that they become speechless and wet their knickers.

In reference to Actor Christian Bale.
And his well known Bale-a-thon.
"If you don't stop making eyes at that dudes chick, he's gonna go Bale on your ass."

"Forget shock and awe, we need to Bale Iraq..."
by klimarac February 6, 2009
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An annoying African female that always annoys you.
Anton: hey balee can I get a pencil?
Balee: fuck YOU!!
by sillyduck172 April 2, 2019
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the most annoying motherfucker in the marine corps and the world. never shuts up. one who loses his virginity to a man in thailand.
by john July 16, 2004
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