very fashionable and/or always stylish.
all eyes on you.
oh yea! she real badd wit dat betsey johnson bag.
by riichy December 19, 2007
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Badd As In Tight,Cool.
The Word ''Badd'' Is Usually used by hispanic people.
Ay Homie Chicano Rap Is Badd!!!

Aye Ese That Lowrider Looks Badd!!

Ay Homie Have You Seen The Ps3? It Looks Badd!!

Ay Homie Have You Seen That Gold Ak-47, It Looks Badd!!
by Mr.Sicc One January 29, 2008
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a girl who is attractive, has a nice body, who has her own house, car and money. She keeps her nails and hair done and has good hygeine.
Now that's a badd bitch!
by Yemaya December 12, 2007
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Rocky B is the best female artist in Detroit and when I said that I mean that 🤷🏽 ♀️, Like really she got the best flow and the best bars, give her a beat and she’ll kill that mf, she is also an underated female rapper and she’s really with the shits so don’t mess around wit her when it comes to Rocky 🏃🏽 ♀️💨 and y’all might as well change your current favorite female rapper cause you needa tapn with The Real 🅱️

Here are some songs you needa listen to cause yo ass is missing out

OPPRESSED 5ft 6one ft Meech Money Lick My Choppa Ragdoll Talking Crazy JT First Day out Challange Bout Me Make Anothe One Deadline Vindictive and of your viewing this follow @_rockyb_is_gang_ on insta 😌 for more bout her and I promise you y’all is sleeping on her 🤫.
Me: Aye do you know Rocky Badd?
Person 1: Who’s that ?
Me: DAYYYUUM you don’t know who that is? Lemme put you on rn.
Person 1: Oh Shit, she goes hella hard pmo wit more of her songs.
Me: Ight BET 😌
by A Rocky B fan 😘 November 17, 2019
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alcoholic beverage i.e. vodka, cognac, gin, etc.
I got my first DUI drinking that badd water.
I'm bout to take a couple shots of that badd water.
I'd advise you not to mix those badd waters together.
It's cold outside, pour me a couple shots of that badd water to warm me up.
by JLWhiteIII February 4, 2018
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#1 rule of the badd bitch handbook, NO APOLOGIZES
by young drezzy August 11, 2010
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