The late 90's/2000 term for something that is cool.
Friend: "Dude, i got a new computer for christmas"

Me: "Tight, dude!"
by thatguyfromthestore3 February 17, 2010
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Mostly used in the New York area, usually meaning extremely mad or irritated.
Yo, we had homework? Damn, I'm tight.
This bitch would not shut up. Shit got me tight.
by whosmansisthat? December 8, 2010
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1. Close
2. Tight pussy
3. Stylish, cool, having everything together.
4. Scrooge
1. Me and joe been tight since we were in jail together.
2. That pussy i hit last nite was tight.
3. Did you see his ride, it was tight.
4. My mom's tight she won't give me $10.
by sk January 6, 2003
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1) Cool or good.
2) Angry or Frustrated.
3) In a bad situation or screwed. (comes from the term "tight situation")
1) Damn, that album is tight!
2) Mike: "Who the hell stepped on my shoes!?"

Andy: "Oh, he's getting tight."
3) Mike: "Yo, my mom caught me watching Porn."

Andy: "Ah, ya tight!"
by n00bslama June 18, 2009
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being very close friends with someone
Sanika: Wow, we are so tight Anushka! We are basically best friends!
Anushka: Ikr,we are so tight, Sanika!
by higuysitsmecookielover January 4, 2016
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Auto racing term describing a condition when the vehicle is very hard to turn
Jeff Gordon scraped the wall exiting turn 2 because he sucks, but he thinks his car is too tight
by baldylocks1976 January 29, 2005
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