Gin is an unaged liquor made by distilling grains such as barley, corn or rye. Its bouquet comes from juniper berries, coriander, herbs and spices, usually added to the grain mash during distillation. The gin is stored in glass, earthenware or stainless steel containers, but does not mature in these. The storage time serves only to harmonize the product.

Someone once said that "A bar without gin is like an Italian kitchen without pasta". No other liquor provides for the creation of so many classic cocktails. Gin is in fact a liquor that is harmonious with almost anything.

Without gin the king of cocktails, the dry Martini, would not exist.
by KingTT June 21, 2003
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An archaeic word for Aboriginal Females
considered offensive but curiosly still allowed to be used to name Australian places. Gin-Gin Falls for example
Look at that dirty gin picking her nose and eating it.
by Mal colston August 12, 2003
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(n) in poker, drawing/flopping/turning the best card or combination of cards (typically it gives one a very strong hand and one's opponent a strong but second-best hand); frequently used with the verb 'to hit' and occasionally followed by 'card(s)'

etymology: probably originating from the card game of the same name
The four of hearts was gin - it gave me a full house while giving my opponent a flush.


(exclaimed) "Gin!"/"I hit gin!"
by Marchant August 26, 2007
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A colourless alcoholic liquid, taste resembles the aroma of freshly cut grass. Upon intake, should cause convulsions or a gag-reflex in well adjusted or sane people
I tried Gin, it tasted like a Coon's piss
by Feroza Armand July 20, 2005
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internet slang term used as an anti-"lol", meaning giggle in silence as opposed to laugh out loud. the creator found that the ending sounded better with a "n" than an "s"
dude1: "Yeah man, then she tripped going up the stairs."
dude2: "gin"
by babaG. July 30, 2008
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Code speak for's "nig" spelled backwards allowing you to use it in social situations withought actually revealing your unwavering racism...
James: Uh oh, Tim just walked in "again"("a gin")...
Me: God damn we're gonna have to beat that gin down and lynch him to set an example for all the black folk..
by The Dude 88 February 16, 2008
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a derogatory name for an afro-american see also nigger
He missed that 3 pointer, gin ass gin!"
by nohj February 15, 2004
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