Betsey Johnson is a female fashion designer who grew up in Wethersfield, CT, and now lives and designs from her Mexican Villa, Betseyville. She is known for her unique and funky clothes, which often include animal prints or other interesting details. She is also famous for her trademark blonde hair with bangs.
What is she thinking with that hair cut? Only Betsey Johnson can pull that off.
by BetseyJohnson December 30, 2007
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THE VERY BEST DESIGNER BRAND EVER!!!!! next to juicy that is. kinda overpriced but for people with taste and high fashion!!
PERSON 1: hey i love ur shoes whered you get them?
PERSON 2: o theyre betsey johnson, brand new!!!
PERSON 1: no way im SOOOOOOO jealous!!
by Caylee January 10, 2008
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An amazing HIGH-END female-wear designer, that has been in the fashion industry for over 40 years. Super girly, fun, loud, bold, rocker, vintage and much much more just to describe Betsey Johnson
Betsey Johnson is much better than coach, and juicy because she actually is a high end designer, not a "store brand" like others
by xlatino20x May 05, 2009
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